Calliflower is a simple solution for sharing documents while on a call. It doesn’t involve mailing the documents in advance. It doesn’t involve asking all your participants to download files onto their computers either. It’s the simplest and easiest way I know of to share a presentation, document or spreadsheet.

Document sharing starts automatically when the meeting is selected. Two files are automatically added to every meeting: An agenda and a whiteboard.

When the document sharing application opens up, look at the bottom of the frame and click the button labelled “Click to add a file.” You can upload any of the common office document formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or a PDF file or an image. Your file is uploaded, converted and in a few seconds available to be presented to everyone else. And if you want to really impress your callers, you can upload the document ahead of time, so they don’t have to wait on the line. Select it, and start presenting!

The default setting is for document sharing is Presentation mode. This is where you as the organizer or moderator have full control of all the document sharing features. Your participants will not be able to comment or upload documents. To switch to Collaboration mode, giving both you and your participants the ability to add comments to the presentation, highlight sections of the document, upload and download files, as well as switching slides, simply click on the “Enter Presentation Mode” or “Enter Collaboration Mode” as illustrated below.

To display the document simply click on the file name., To download the file, click on the icon image beside the document name. Note that downloaded files do not include the annotations. If you want to delete or remove the document from the list, simply click on the image.

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