The image below is a section of the meeting creation page. This section contains various options that you can apply to your meeting. The first set of options defines how secure you want your meeting to be, and the second set of options includes additional features you can use during your meeting.

Security Options

  • Open – All callers use the same pin number called a “Conference Code” to connect to the meeting. Callers are placed in a waiting room until the moderator joins the meeting.
  • Closed – Each caller receives an invitation with a unique pin that only he or she can use. This pin is unique to this meeting and cannot be used for other meetings.
  • Locked Down – Callers join the meeting using a shared pin and then enter a security number to prevent unauthorized callers from joining the meeting.

Conference Options

  • Auto-Record – Recording will start automatically once the organizer and one more participant are in the meeting.
  • Auto-Mute Participants – All participants will be muted as they enter the meeting. They can be un-muted at any time. Moderators will not be muted.
  • Entry Chime – a chime will be played every time someone enters and leaves the meeting.
  • Hide Participants – Participants will not be able to see or interact with each other. They will only be able to see and interact with moderators and the organizer of the meeting. This is called “Webinar Mode”.
  • Public Call – public meetings are viewable by anyone on the Calliflower website or through web search sites like Google. Also, anyone can join a public meeting. This is ideal for town hall type discussions, outreach webinars, etc.